The Most Iconic Fort Marlborough in Bengkulu

The Most Iconic Fort Marlborough in Bengkulu
30 Januari 2020
Fort Marlborough

Fort Marlborough, do you ever hear about this fort?

Ok, This fort is Fort Marlborough is the largest fort in Southeast Asia. Said to have been built from 1714 to 1719 by the British East India Company.

There is a fact when we see this fort from the top, we see a turtle. Ya, fort Marlborough built like a turtle. Something that we can not see if we are not in top. In this fort we can see prison, office of east India Company, many cannonry, cemetery, statue, and pictures of Bengkulu story.

Hmm…For your information that you can get beautiful picture here. You can take picture in the yard and you can take a picture in the top of the fort. You can see the beautiful beach here.

Do you have to pay to in?
Ya, we have to pay Rp 5000,- / each

Is there a mushola?
Ya, if you are muslim you can sholah there

Is there a toilet?
Ya, don’t worry about this

Is there a available guide?
Ya, if you need a guide you can ask when you buy the ticket

Is there a souvenir?
Sure, you can see the souvenir side the front door

When we can come?
Everyday, 08.00 am to 04.30 pm

And why don’t you come here :)

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