Review Motorola One Vision (4GB, 128GB)

Review Motorola One Vision (4GB, 128GB)
29 Juni 2019


  • Classy, attractive, well-built design, with a glass back - it looks much more premium than its price would suggest
  • The glass back has a light-reflecting finish that can't match the likes of the Honor View 20 or Honor 20 Lite for 'wow' factor, but which is nonetheless eye-catching
  • The front of the phone is a unique 21:9 'tall & narrow' screen, with a punch hole front camera (a feature that's so far been restricted to flagship handsets like the Galaxy S10 series)
  • The narrow dimensions means the phone is fairly easy to use one-handed
  • The handset has been finished with a water repellent coating that gives it an IP52 rating for dust and water resistance - that's enough to survive splashes
  • Well located (and fast) fingerprint sensor on the back
  • Responsive face unlock


With the tall dimensions, pocket-ability is not that great, so the phone will tend to protrude out of shallow pockets



The FHD+ 6.4in display looks nice and the 21:9 aspect ratio is perfect for those that want to enjoy ultra-wide 'cinematic view' movies on Netflix


  • The punch-hole is on the large side - which makes it both a bit of an eyesore, and on occasion an obstacle to the cinematic immersion
  • There is not a lot of cinema content available right now to take advantage of the 21:9 aspect ratio


  • Being part of the Android One series, you get a clean stock Android experience, alongside regular updates
  • Motorola adds a few useful extras, as always: the usual Gestures are present, including shaking the handset to open the camera, doing a 'karate chop' to toggle the torch on and off, and tapping the screen with three fingers to take a screenshot


All-round speedy/snappy performance with a Samsung Exynos 9609 processor (similar to Snapdragon 710)


  • Good rear camera setup (48MP standard + 5MP depth) - it gives good all-round results, day and night, photo and video - the overall quality is similar the Redmi Note 7 Pro
  • Night Vision mode also delivers some good night shots
  • OIS too helps with low-light photos
  • Portrait shots are good too, with good separation
  • Good 25MP selfie camera too (though it's on the slow side when shooting at full 25MP resolution)


Decent speaker on the bottom edge - delivers decent volume


  • Decent (though not exceptional) battery life with a 3500mAh battery - you will get the full day with moderate use - there are many competitors who are ahead in this area though
  • Fast charging support



Overall, if it's a pure Android experience that you are after, the One Vision is a good all-round mid-range option which ticks almost all boxes, and also stands out from the crowd, with a stylish design, a 'cinematic' display, and the punch hole front camera


There is some strong competition though that's worth looking at, including the Galaxy A50 (larger AMOLED with in-display fingerprint scanner, and better battery life, though camera is not as good), the Poco F1 (much more powerful performance, though design is not as modern), and the Redmi Note 7 Pro (cheaper, better battery life, though MIUI is not as clean/simple as stock Android)
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