Delicious One from Kecombrang

Delicious One from Kecombrang
14 Maret 2019
sambal dencis campur unji
A creation from kecombrang
Hi all, how are you? I hope all of us are happy and more beautiful than ever, aamiin :).

Ok, we will make a creation from kecombrang? you know kecombrang? We in Bengkulu call it unji. The taste just like laos.  Our family love it very much. My father can eat 2 plate of rice if we make food from unji, especially a food from unji and coconut milk. You know, we are sumatera people, we love especially coconut milk. But we will not use especially coconut milk now, we will make kecombrang with mackerel fish.

You will love a combination from kecombrang and mackerel fish. Let’s make it. Here is the recipe.

unji potong
slices of kecombrang and spring onion

½ kg kecombrang, slice
A can of mackerel fish

11 red chili
7 pieces of cayenne pepper
2 pieces of garlic
2 pieces of red onion

A spring onion

Saute the spices until fragrant
Enter Kecombrang and slices of spring onion
Saute until fragrant
Enter mackerel
Stir briefly

Okeh, done. It is easy, isn’t it? :)
You can try to cook it too. It's so yummy, sure.

Back to kecombrang, how do you call it in your place? I'm still curious about kecombrang in other areas.
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