Delicious Goreng Pisang

Delicious Goreng Pisang
21 Maret 2019
Goreng Pisang Kesukaan

Fans of banana.......rise your hand plissssss......

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Wake up in the morning at home today make me remember goreng pisang or we know as fried banana. A delicious thing made from banana. If you ever go to Indonesia, i think you saw this snack. Oh yeah, I'm one big fan of fried banana. Derived from the father seems, he loves this food. If we don’t make fried banana at home , we will buy it at gerobak. Our family is a really fried banana enthusiast, hmm ....... except my husband. He is not a big fan like us.

Goreng Pisang Kesukaan 

I do not know where fried bananas came from exactly, many people said that bananas are better eaten without processed. But we love fried banana, every body have their own favorite, aren’t they?

We often enjoy fried banana in the morning, but sometime in afternoon. Usually accompanied with warm tea. I've read there ‘re people who eat fried bananas accompanied with sambal, there are eating fried bananas accompanied with black sticky tape, there are eating fried bananas accompanied with chocolate, according to us, which one we like. Depending on our taste yes, but you have to remember the important thing. Pity fried bananas if they are served alone, at least we can serve the fried banana with a glass of tea.

Goreng Pisang Kesukaan

The bananas we fry at home usually the type of jantan banana or kepok banana. In fact there are many types of bananas that exist, there are Ambon Banana, Curup Banana, Milk Banana, Serindit Banana, Parang Banana, Masak Semalam Banana, and other favors. But, I think the two bananas are the most suitable type of banana for the main ingredients of fried bananas. That's my gues, others may be different.

We make fried bananas with various variations. There is fried banana that fried with wheat bran only, there is fried with a grain wrap + rice flour + sago, there is fried with wheat and bread wrap, even some we fried without clothes, it's delicious you know right . But the most champion is fried bananas that fried with a mixture of wheat flour + sago + rice flour, the ratio 1: 1: 1. Don’t forget to put salt. Guaranteed the fried banana produced will be so crispy. Especially if in the dough add with eggs and vanilla as perfume :)

What's your favorite food? Is that fried banana or goreng pisang too? 

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