A creation from old newspaper

A creation from old newspaper
24 Juni 2018

Garbage always be a problem in this world. Every day every time, we can said that all of us produce garbage. One of the garbage is newspaper, we read newspaper every day but after we read it we throw it. The newspaper turn to a garbage. Imagine how many newspapers turn to the garbage every day in this world.

Why don’t we recycle it to be something useful?

Ok, we will make a DIY project from a newspaper. Let’s begin:


old newspaper
Wood glue
Food coloring

The way
Prepare old newspapers that are not used anymore.

Fold the newspaper into 2 parts then scissors.

Fold again that newspapers to 3 part, then cut again.

Rolled paper
Take a piece of newspaper that has been cut.

Roll the pieces of newspaper from the bottom right corner. Make the small roll until all parts of the newspaper finished. The correct rolling one is when one of the edges is large and one other side is small, and the angle of the ending of the roll should be an angle of the same a triangle.
Take 8 newspaper rolls. Divide into two parts then cross them.

Take the rightmost roll and then fold forward, turn back, then turn sideways.

If the roll is short, connect the roll with a new roll, insert a small rolling bang into a large rolling section. Make a woven base in accordance with the desired shape, if the base has been completed leveling the base of the roll with a hammer. Continue woven by inserting the roll by alternating hoses. Do this until the desired shape is formed (here we make a fruit basket). Don’t forget to glued the end of the roll with wood glue to prevent wicker from opening. To beautify wicker baskets, newspaper roll such as wicker hair. Then attach it to the basket. Coloring the woven products according to taste. Use a dye that is not so bright as to keep the newspaper looking.

Dry/aerated woven products that have been dyed. Wicker that has been dried lacquered and aerated again. Provision of varnish is done so that the webbing looks more beautiful and more waterproof.


these wicker products can be used as a place of bros or whatever you need.

Happy trying friends :)

Model: Daurez, my little bro
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