Grow our own mint

Grow our own mint
04 Maret 2018

Do you know the mint leaves? You know, small leaves that often become additional in the food and beverage. Mint leaves often add in to foods and beverages as a chic garnish. The use of mint leaves in addition to food and beverage is often seen in foreign menus.

There are chefs who add mint leaves to flavor enhancers, some add mint leaves as garnishes, those that add it to taste and as a garnish. I love the food aor beverage with mint leaves, it’s beautiful guys. when i make a food or beverage i really want to add the leaves. The problem is it's still hard to find the leaves in Bengkulu. I thinks i ever see the leaves at Bencoolen Mall, but only one day and that day i don’t want make a creation, neiher food or beverage. When i want to buy this leaves, i can not find it. Maybe couse people don’t buy it.

The mint leaves include the Labiatae family, formerly the mint leaves used by the Romans as an extra meal while entertaining guests. The Romans believed that the mint leaves came from a goddess named Minthe who was cursed. Sssssttttt ...... do not imagine you beverage or eat a goddess when there is a mint leaf in your food or beverage ok. This is a photo of a beverage that is added with mint leaves, beautiful indeed yes.

Me and my darling had a long chat about the mint leaves. According to our mint leaves do make our food and beverages have a unique flavor and beautiful. Fix, mint leaves should be one of the occupants of our garden.

It was Wednesday morning when my husband brought mint leaves, he said that it’s from Mas Timor's house. Mas Timor is a policeman in Argamakmur who loves mint leaves. Mas Timor often adds mint leaves to his tea in the morning. The mint leaves from Mas Timor directly planted on that day.
Apparently planting mint leaves is very easy. We can plant it by cuttings, just cut the branch leaves of mint that old enough to be new tree. Then plant it. It's easy, right? Let’s plant.

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