Langpipi and Tebu Telur

Langpipi and Tebu Telur
25 Juni 2017

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Yesterday many of my friends ask about langpipi leaf and tebu telur, so this time I upload a photo of langpipi leaf (still in bond). I take te pic when my mother came home from the market.

Langpipi leaf actually is a creeping leaf that grows much in the forests of South Bengkulu region. Leaves that can be used as a side dish only young leaves.


Leaf langpipi it feels like katuk leaf.

For tebu telur, the tebu telur tree is like sugarcane. The different is the top of tebu telur tree has a big size. Well, that as a side dish is the top of the stem. If you it is ready to harvest the tops of tebu telur will bubble. This indicates that the tebu telur already contains.

Tebu telur is commonly used as a vegetable and cooked with coconut milk. Tebu telur has a slightly sweet and savory taste.

The photo above is a picture of langpipi leaves and tebu telur that are ready to be cooked.

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